Inside, with Les Moore

A Little About My Family (2024)

Here’s the Moore clan. We’re not many, but we’re mighty. Meet Teresa (my wife), Gaby (daughter #1) and Amanda (daughter #2). Here we are for our last skate of the winter over at Bowness park. Teresa is Puerto Rican, so skating is not her forté… in fact, no winter activities are…. but she loves it here nonetheless. Gaby and Amanda love tennis and they love serving at our church. Me? I love being with them all as much as possible and love watching the girls grow. Teresa and I serve quite a bit at church too, so when our girls move out one day, we will still have our church family to be with regularly. God, family, country is what I’m pretty much about. The Lord has done so many beautiful things in my life I wouldn’t know where to start… so, for now I thank Him for those in this picture. Love them.

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