In accordance to the regulatory requirements of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, in fulfillment of the Accessible Canada Act, we encourage you to share any feedback you may have on any barriers to accessibility you encounter in your dealings with any products and services offered by Touch Canada Broadcasting ltd., relative to a disability. Feedback will directly help impact Touch’s Accessibility Plans moving forward and will positively impact how our organization continues striving for total inclusivity.

You may share your comments. Please include your type of interaction with Touch Canada Broadcasting ltd., disability, barrier, and general suggestions, along with optional information ie: name, contact information, and, if applicable, company affiliation to TCB. You may also submit comments anonymously by not providing any additional information if you’d prefer.

Any personal information provided will remain confidential and directed straight to our Accessibility Committee internally at Touch. Please do not provide any sensitive personal information of any kind, such as a SIN Number, banking or credit card information.

Touch Canada Broadcasting ltd. believes everyone is needs to be treated with respect and has a right to participate equally within our society. We’re committed to identifying, removing and preventing barriers for persons with disabilities in their interactions with all Touch employees. Thank you for assisting us as we strive to uphold and improve accessibility and inclusion within our organization.

You can contact Touch Canada Broadcasting ltd. to express your feedback on Accessibility in any of the following ways:

  1. – By Telephone at (780)466-4930, Accessibility Committee
  2. – By Email at [email protected]
  3. – Submitting feedback directly below. This goes directly to the Accessibility Committee at TCB. This feedback will remain internal and can be completely anonymous if you choose

When feedback is provided via any of the above methods, the following information is helpful:

  1. -Time and date
  2. -Description of interaction, suggestion, or complaint
  3. -Contact information (if the person wishes to hear further in this matter)
  4. -Suggested alternate format or accessible communication support (as applicable)

Feedback will be received by the Touch Accessibility Committee and will be immediately considered. When provided details (names, contact information), Touch will do it’s best to acknowledge and connect with any and all who provide suggestions and feedback. We are completely open to updating practices on accessibility or creating new paths towards improving the experience for all who engage with us in any capacity. All suggestions will be taken seriously and appreciated as a means to bettering inclusivity at TCB.

A disability is defined by the Accessible Canada Act as any impairment, including a physical, mental, intellectual, cognitive, learning, communication or sensory impairment — or a functional limitation — whether permanent, temporary or episodic in nature, or evident or not, that, in interaction with a barrier, hinders a person’s full and equal participation in society.


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